Namasthé Tea



Grown in Pemberton, BC, Therroir™ Tisanes are handcrafted in small batches into Eco Tea-pouches by a proprietary whole leaf Teacrafter in Whistler. Namasthé Tea Co supports the Canadian “Théconomy” and know that each action done locally has far reaching effects for everyone on the planet. Let’s dream up of a much better way to enjoy whole leaf goodness with certified fair-trade import teas and Canadian whole leaf teas.

Namasthé Tea Co on Sustainability

Our actions should embellish the earth, nourish our communities,enlighten our spirit & inspire our children!

Namasthé® teapouches & NEW COMPOSTABLE ENVELOPES will be nourishing compost for the next cycle of life. Our boxes have an eco audit report on bottom and are made from 10% post-consumer recycled cardboard printed in Vancouver at Hemlock Printers with 100% Soybean ink and water based coating. Simply the greenest teas in the world!
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